What We Do

Work is an integral part of wellbeing, and we love helping people to enjoy their work on a daily basis and also to achieve a seamless return to work after an injury or illness.

Computer Workstation Audit: 

The most efficient of our injury prevention services, completion of a brief 15 minute audit of a person’s computer workstation. Resources provided to help employees prevent discomfort.

Graduated return towork programs: 

Constructed with employer and individual toensure a graduated increase in work hours and duties based on current level offunction and diagnosis. Weekly supervision by therapist to provide practicaladvice regarding work practices and self management principles ensuring aneffective return to pre-injury job demands.

Functional Job Descriptions:

A thorough description of the physical and cognitive demands of an individual’s work including task analysis. 

Activity Restoration Programs: 

Assessment of current level of activity versus inactivity within daily and weekly routine. Weekly supervision and assistance by therapist to set goals to increase activity level in preparation for a return to work.

Gradual Process Injury Assessments: 

Assessment of one or a number of tasks an individual is required to complete as part of their role. Detailed assessment of load, repetitiveness, postural demands, sequencing of sub-tasks to assist to determine causation of injury and recommendations on how to minimize risks.

Home Help Assessments: 

Assessment of injury related needs within the home environment to assist with managing daily tasks following illness or injury.

Work Wellness Training: 

The proactive approach to equipping staff with self management tools. Training for small groups of employees on preventing and managing pain and discomfort in the workplace.

Vehicle Seating Assessments: 

Analysis of seated posture in a vehicle for recommendations specific to maximising driver comfort.